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Dr. Khan Sheeba ( BHMS, DNHE, PGDHA, MD) is an experienced homoeopathic physician with 7 years of treatment practice in both government and private sector. She has a commendable success rate in diagnosis and management of the disease through homoeopathy. Being a student of National Institute of homoeopathy, she has work experience in Kolkata as well as Delhi. She has been a Junior Research fellow at Central Council for research in homoeopathy, Delhi, involving in homoeopathic research. She has a publication in International Journal of homoeopathy about a case of fibroadenoma breast treated with homoeopathy. Various seminars regarding management of lifestyle disorders, skin diseases and COVID-19 management were also attended by her. She has also stood as a plenary speaker in international Pharma Congress 2022. Dr Khan Sheeba has one year experience in treating female disorders like fibroadenoma breast, PCOD, uterine fibroid and other menstrual abnormalities.

Why ‘Dr Khan’s Clinic?

Owing to the current scenario of unprecedented busy lives, its difficult to take out the time between our ongoing errands and schedule appointments for our self care. We provide complete homoeopathic treatment including consultation and medicines at your comfort. All you need to do is book an appointment, mention the basic details of your illness, and the doctor will directly speak to you. The case taking in homoeopathy is different from that of other systems of treatment. Since homoeopathy is holistic system, hence, to treat your hair fall, the doctor might ask details about your appetite, thirst, taste preference for food and drinks etc. Providing adequate information will help the doctor in treating you a better way.

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We are providing services all over the world through Cyber Clinic.

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Highly qualified doctors provide best quality medical services.

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We offer diagnosis , treatment and provide medicine.