Skin Disorders

Acne vulgaris

1.  Acne is the bacterial inflammation of sebaceous glands that are present underneath outer skin, giving rise to redness, pimples and pus discharge with sometimes itching pain.

2. These may be present anywhere in the body but most commonly on the face of boys and girls between the age of 18-26 years. The cause may include multiple factors. Hormonal changes, stress, increased fat intake, lack of hygiene are the common ones. Increased use of steroids, hormonal therapies and antibiotics suppress the outward symptoms and provide only temporary relief if the cause remains there. Homoeopathic medicines reach beyond the surface and heal the cause behind such manifestations.


Osteoporosis is a bone disease that develops when bone mineral density and bone mass decreases, or when the quality or structure of bone changes. This can lead to a decrease in bone strength that can increase the risk of fractures (broken bones).

Child health

The growth of a child depends upon the immunity, healthy diet and better sleep. Regular health check ups make sure that whether the mental and physical development of your child is in pace with the normal standards. Some common problems in child’s health include constipation, common cold, difficult dentition, loss of appetite, skin disorders( scabies, eczema,  seborrhoeic dermatitis)etc. These hamper a child’s development and growth physically and mentally. Lack of immunity will make the child more prone to infections and allergies. Constipation and other gastric disorders will lead to abnormal metabolism and thereby decrease the physical development in terms of height and weight.

As children are more prone to allergies and infections, owing to their increased sensitiveness, homoeopathic medicines without producing any side effects relieve all the sufferings in a most gentle possible way. Apart from being palatable , they are easy to administer, keeping in view the difficulties faced by the mothers to feed a child.

“A child’s health is future investment for a better world’’

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